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Below is a listing of plants that are poisonous or toxic to poultry.
I have arranged them alphabetically by their latin scientific nomenclature.
To follow the latin is the common name, and the parts of the plant considered to be toxic.
Aconitum sp.---monkshood---leaves
Actea pachypoda---white baneberry, cohosh---berries
Agrostemma githago---common corn cockle---seeds
Araujia sericifera---no other info available
Arisaema triphyllum---jack-in-the-pulpit---roots and stems
Asclepias mexicana, syriaca, tuberosa, verticillata---milkweed, silkweed, cottonweed---tops more toxic than roots
Cicula maculata---poison hemlock, spotted hemlock, cowbane, water hemlock---roots and young shoots
Colchicum autumnale---Autumn crocus---roots and stems
Conium maculata---spotted parsley, carrot fern, poison hemlock---all plant parts
Convallaria majalis---Lily-of-the-Valley---roots and stems
Cocoa waste
Crotalaria---250 species---seeds
Daphne mezereum---february daphne---berries
Datura stramonium---jimson weed, thorn apple, stinkwort, Jamestown weed---leaves, roots and seeds
Daubentonia---no other info
Delphinium sp.---larkspur---foliage
Dicentra sp.---Bleeding heart, dutchman's breeches---roots and stems
Digitalis purpurea---foxglove---leaves
Equisetum arvense, hymale---horsetail, scouring rush---leaves and stems
Erysimum crepidifolium---hedge mustard---all plant parts
Eupatorium rugosum---white snakeroot---all plant parts
Gloriosa superba---gloriosa lily---roots and stems
Glottidium vesicarium---harper seed---seeds
Hedera sp.---all english ivies---berries
Hyacynthus sp.---hyacinth---roots and stems
Iris sp. ---iris, flags---roots and stems
Laburnum anagyroides, vulgare---Golden chain tree---seeds
Menispermum sp.---moonseed---seeds
Mustard---this is a huge family of plants---all species should be deemed toxic
Narcissus sp.---Narcissus, daffodil---roots and stems
Ornithogalum umbellatum---star-of-Bethlehem---roots and stems
Petroselinum sp.---parsley--- roots
Phytolacca americana---pokeberry, poke salad, pokeweed---roots stems and berries
Podophyllum peltatum---mayapple, mandrake---roots stems and berries
Rhum sp.---rhubarb---leaves
Ricinus communis---castor bean---beans (seeds)
Robinia pseudoacacia---black locust tree---fruit and bark
Solanum---potatoe---green sprouts
Solanum nigrum---black nightshade, poisonberry---berries especially when green
Symplocarpus foetidus---skunk cabbage---foliage
Taxus sp.---yews---foliage and berries
Xanthium pennsylvanium---cocklebur, sheepbur, clotbur---foliage especially when young

If anyone has any suggestions or information to add please e-mail me.